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Who should take out a life insurance?

Honestly everyone can take advantage of a life insurance. A common belief is that only people with kids and family can leverage life cover, but it actually can be very helpful in many other situations. For example, it could be used as a mortgage protection or a support if an unexpected illness occurs. However, there are 3 main types of people that benefit the most from life insurance.

Mums & dads

Mums and dads need life insurance the most because otherwise they are risking their households financial well being in case something happens to them. Life cover gives families peace of mind and confidence that if an unfortunate event happens they will at least have no money worries.

Mortgage holders

50% of the mortgage holders in the UK don’t have a life insurance* and put their loved ones at risk of getting into debt after their death. Life insurance takes care of this issue and leaves you and your family debt-free.

Young People

The sooner you take out a life cover, the cheaper the policy is. Research* shows that taking out a policy in your 20’s is nearly half the price compared to doing it in your 40’s.

  • * Research of Scottish Windows

Average monthly life insurance premium

Research conducted by

Based on MoneySuperMarket research, the average life insurance monthly premium for applicants aged 20-29 is £13.44, compared to £29.46 per month for 40-49 year-olds, making the cover more than 2 times cheaper. Data valid as of 11/11/2017.

  • Period 1

Type of cover available

Life insurance only

Protect your family in case the worst were to happen and give them financial stability for a period of time chosen by you.

Critical illness cover

Adding critical illness cover to your life insurance gives you peace of mind that if you get ill you can support financially your treatment. That way you are covered for commonly spread illnesses like heart attack, cancer and paralysis, the list of conditions however depends on the specific deal.

Whole of life cover

If your goal is to leave a lump sum to your loved ones no matter how long you live, that’s the right choice for you. Whole Of Life insurance gives more security because it’s length has no limit and you are protecting the people you love for a lifetime.

Mortgage life cover

When your main concern is your mortgage - choose this option. That way you can be confident that if the worst were to happen the insurance will cover the outstanding balance of your mortgage.

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